Positive Changes Hypnosis Weight Loss Library of 28 AudioStrobe® CDs

Supercharge your weight loss program with an extensive library of 28 hypnosis CDs authored by Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.  All these CDs were purchased from Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers – a franchise network of self-improvement hypnosis centers.  Each CD can be used alone, and all the CDs complement each other and reinforce weight loss program goals.


Use daily with a headset for best results.  ONLY the audio book can used while driving – ALL others must NOT be used while driving or operating machinery.  In each audio CD, Dr. Porter takes you through a relaxing hypnotic induction while making positive suggestions to help you subconsciously integrate the concepts to help you make the changes you desire to achieve your goal.

AudioStrobe® CDs are designed to be used with the Gemini “Light and Sound” machine or similar device.  This technology synchronizes music with visual impulses and combines them in a high-quality sound medium for a multi-sensory experience.  Go to http://www.audiostrobe.com/info/ for more information.  The Better Health, Hypno Health, Slenderific, and Seven Keys to Weight Loss Mastery CDs are all AudioStrobe® encoded.  (Just to clarify, the Audio Book is NOT hypnosis and is NOT AudioStrobe® encoded.)  Be sure to check the AudioStrobe® website for cautions regarding the use of this technology and who should NOT use it (such as those with epilepsy). 

Gently used in like-new condition – no visible scratches, no markings on CDs, labels, or dust jackets except as noted.  No known problems with audio playback.



Originally paid more than $558.60!

  • AudioStrobe® weight loss program CDs were originally purchased for $19.95 each   
  • Success Starter Kit and Audio Book are NOT sold separately by Positive Changes and are available ONLY with the purchase of a personal weight loss program


List of all CD Resources Included:


Success Starter Kit

  1. WLSK-CR – Weight Control Hypnosis Program Success Start Kit – 2 CD set includes the following tracks:
  2. Weight Control & Hypnosis Talk
  3. AM 1 – Physical Changes
  4. PM 1 – Physical Changes Sleep Programming
  5. AM 2 – Naturally Thin Self-Image
  6. PM 2 – Naturally Thin Sleep Programming
  7. AM 3 – Activating Your Thin Self-Image
  8. PM 3 – Rehearsing Your Naturally Thin Lifestyle

Audio Book

  1. #7-WLM – Seven Common Weight Loss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them – Read by the Author, Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.

Better Health with Hypnosis CDs

  1. #HT004 – Unlock Your Healthy Body

Hypno Health Audio CDs

  1. #HH002 – Stimulate Fat Burning While You Satisfy Your Appetite
  2. #HH005 – Effective Exercise Anyone Can Do (brand new in original wrap)
  3. #HH006 – How Stress Effects Wellness
  4. #HH010 – How to Supercharge Your Fat Burning Machine
  5. #HH013 – The Secret to Lasting Energy

Slenderific Audio CDs

  1. #SMC005 – Secrets to Boosting Your Brain Power
  2. #SMC006 – Master Your Mind, Master Your Life
  3. #SMC009 – Step Into the Spotlight of Your Life
  4. #SMC012 – Designing Your Destiny
  5. #SMC013 – Positive Self-Talk – Your Key to Self-Mastery

Seven Keys to Weight Loss Mastery Audio CDs

  1. #WL008 – Convert Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine
  2. #WL010 – Overcoming the Habit of Weight Loss Failure (Dust case has very minor blemish on back)
  3. #WL017 – Turn Daily Drudgery into Daily Excitement
  4. #WL018 – Key into a More Active and Fulfilling Lifestyle
  5. #WL019 – Weight Control and Your Self-Image
  6. #WL023 – How to Eat Out Every Day and Still Lose Weight
  7. #WL024 – How to Have Your Cake and Lose Weight, Too
  8. #WL025 – Lose Weight Without Dieting or Starving
  9. #WL029 – Extinguish Sugar & Chocolate Addiction
  10. #WL030 – Communication Skills for Weight Loss
  11. #WL031 – Removing Negativity from Weight Loss
  12. #WL032 – Increase Self-Confidence & Self-Respect
  13. #WL048 – Conquer Your Weight Loss Enemies
  14. #WL050 – Supercharge Your New Year’s Resolutions
  15. #WL051 – Have Your Turkey and Lose Weight, Too


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