Special HEALTH Issue
Special HEALTH Coup-Letter, 2021
125 Years – er, 39 – and the Picture of Health
Hello Gang! It’s Health Month and Welcome to our special HEALTH COUP-LETTER, chock full of healthy deals galore – from easing those aches and pains to losing weight. When you get through ordering all these products you will be the living, breathing FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH. Speaking of that, we actually have a product here of the same name. We want you around a long time. I should know. After all, your host is pushing 125 – but to those who know me I’m still 39. So, we’ll keep you young like me in Coupon Country. Stay tune and also check out our health sites HealthFitness.ws and https://healthfitnessbest.blogspot.com/     and our aggregate niche site, CouponCountry.com for ALL your shopping needs. If you’re not a subscriber to these weekly email blasts simply CLICK HERE – IT’S FREE ENJOY! – Forever Young, JB
P.S. In case you missed the Valentines issue, I just had a birthday, and yes, that’s me above trying to keep my youthful figure. Not bad for 125, er, 39.)

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