1) Eat a PLANT BASED DIET rich in nutrients and especially vegetables such as leafy greens, mushrooms , beans and legumes. Nuts and seeds are also beneficial

Thing ‘GREENS and BEANS’ .  Eating foods such as ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, FRUIT, SEEDS and NUTS will also help to reduce cholesterol and take away the desire to snack and overeat.  All it a HIGH NUTRIENT DIET


2) Maintain a NORMAL WEIGHT


3)  LIMIT SALT and SUGAR, espeically salt. AVOID food and drinks with sugar, which includes most fruit juices , white flour , oils and porcessed foods.

If you must use added oil, use olive oil.  This would include no dairy, as it contains a lot of fat and oil. Use almond milk as a substitue for regular milk.


4) EXERCIZE – Even if you don’t think it’s helping you it is. Try for at least 20 minutes a day of something. Try to vary your exercize, too, eg walking one day, biking the next, swimming the next.


THERE – YOU’VE JUST BECOME A HEALTHY VEGETARIAN !  There are great receipes on the market and you can make up your protein in may ways, espcially

with avocados, nuts, black beans, etc. Use almond milk.  You can get tasty dishes at home or in some restuarants with soy-based protein that tastes as good or better

than real meat and poultlry!