We’re not getting older, we’re getting better – so the saying goes… And it’s true. We CAN age gracefully…   We’ve noted a couple more significant issues during the aging process…  


We all know that eyes change as we get older. Vision changes (near vision goes away for most -we’re among the lucky to which that hasn’t happened yet… perhaps it ‘s the vitamins , or, not getting hooked on prescription lenses. Tired eyes are another issue and later cataracts. Perhaps we can forestall the latter and other optical issues with some preventative measures 1) VITAMINS for Eyes – There are some vitamins out there exclusively for eyes. Trader Joes has one called ‘SuperVision.’ It has some different minerals and things you don’t usually see in your daily multiple vitamin like Lutein, most important for eyes. I good multiple vitamin is important too, as well as eating a balanced diet and lots of carrotts, says Bugs Bunny.You may see some relief in your watery , allergic eyes, too, just by adding the vitamins and improved diet  2)SLEEP – Get plenty of sleep to relieve those tired eyes.  3) WATER – Drink plenty of water – always a good thing to clear out the toxins 4) TEA BAGS and POTATO  SLICES for Tired Puffy Eyes. Not only will it help the appearance but it feels really good, especially the potatoes. Soothe those tired eyes.  5) EYE CREME – Good to wear some kind of inexpensive eye creme at night, especially to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated. 6) SUNGLASSES – Always wear sunglasses when you’re out for prolonged periods in the sun along with your SPF BONUS / Not So Off The Wall This may come as a shock and some may call this quackery but we strongly believe it. You may too. .. If you’ve worn glasses or contacts regularly, for some time, notice your prescription changing every time you visit the eye doctor, ie a stronger lense prescribed?  It only makes sense that your eyes get more accustomed to the stronger lenses and gradually adjust to them, weakening the natural eye vision. Sure, you want to be able to see. But, how’s about just using glasses when you really need them,  ie driving, night vision, etc.  This goes for near or far distance. If you wear them all the time you will definitely see a more rapid deterioration of your natural vision. But, you can delay this by wearing your glasses or contacts as little as possible. Or, you can also try 20/40 lenses to lessen the strain on the eyes.  Both of these principles go way back to something called the ‘Bates Method.’  Now, most eye doctors will frown on this info but it’s common sense and it works.  We’ve applied the principles for years and our eyes have not changed in 10 years since last visiting the doctor and we’re of advanced age.  Try it and come back in a year and tell us your prescription did not change  

EXERCISE – Build Muscle,Not Speed

This one was just reinforced to us recently. As we get older, from age 40, we begin losing muscle. So, the trick is to do exercises that build muscle.  Most people do weight lifting and the like when they’re young, but it’s especially important when you’re OLDER!  And, cut way back on the cardio as you get older. It will  only wear out your legs and AGE YOU more! Good exercises to build muscle are moderate weight lifting, pushups and anything that involves pressure of arms and legs in an anaerobic apporach.

 Anti-aging Tips – Eyes, Exercise and Aging