New, Low Calorie, Healthier Fries at Burger King


Sunday October 13 is the last day to get your Totally FREE, Low Calorie SatisFRIES at a Burger King near you. No coupon necessary!

REVIEW: *****4 1/2 stars out of 5
Jack (JB) dropped into a (Oakland, CA) Burger King to sample the Fries he’s been advertising. After all, Jack doesn’t want to advertise something he doesn’t believe in. Well, the previous reviews were born out as Jack has found the new SatisFRIES much to his liking.
They are less greasy than the regular fries and he says you can taste the potato better without as much oil and other factors. If it’s the heavy, oily, fried taste you’re after these may not be for you , but if you like the more natural, less adulterated taste, you’ll like these fries. The fries are not as crispy as the others but that didn’t make any difference to Jack. 

Unlike the small Panda Express Sesame Chicken samples last month, Jack was also impressed that they gave him a full order (regularly around $1.79) absolutely FREE Of Charge! one per customer   

We’re impressed that Burger King is way out ahead of the other fast food franchises in offering healthy alternatives to all the greasy, fried food. Burger King is the only fast food, other than Subway offering a veggie burger and now this healthier potatoproduct

Jack will try again at another location Sunday, to check for consistency of product and let you know.
So don’t forget to get yours today, Sunday Oct 13

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