Qualify for a COVID-19 study and earn
up to $900

Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms within the past 7 days?
See if you qualify for a COVID-19 study.
Payment up to $900, which varies by study

Users must be:

1. 18 years of age or older.

  1. Started having COVID-19 symptoms no more than 7 days ago.
  2. Currently have 2 or more of the following symptoms: feeling hot or feverish, cough, sore throat, low energy or tiredness, headache, muscle or body aches, chills or shivering, or shortness of breath.
  3. Do not currently need hospital or emergency care.
    1) No cost study related care
    2) No cost for study medication
    3) Compensation for participants up to $900
When you create a whole food supplement like ours, you’re simply taking large amounts of a plant, herb, mineral or other ingredient and condensing it way down into a little pill. If you don’t use organic ingredients, and the plants you use have been sprayed with pesticides like glyphosate, then when you condense it down, you’re also condensing down the pesticide.