39 Healthy Tips – Never Too Late for New Years Resolutions



39 New Years Healthy Resolutions – Never Too Late

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Oh, #7? That’s Read More Books Than You Did Last Year


The above list was emailed to me in 2009 by good friend POLLY, who, sadly, passed away shortly after sending this. It certainly wasn’t from her lack of healthy living. She was one of the healthiest. These healthful tips are as valuable and timely today as ever as Polly continues to contribute to the betterment of society in these valuable words she left us.

Thanks Polly. Miss you much but you know that you are not forgotten and live on with such contributions and that positive spirit you left us that remains a part of me and others


39 New Years Healthy Resolutions – Never Too Late








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‘At this point in the history of Weight Watchers there are a few different ways you can work this program. I use the point system. At one time I could eat between 18-23 points a day. This is based on my weight. The program now gives me a fixed number – 20 – with 35 points a week to use whenever I want. The math is the same; they have just put the numbers out a bit differently. I don’t believe it matters.

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